About Us

Hi our name is Alana and Paul Lafoe and we will be returning to this page very soon. We are a retired couple who sell vintage sewing patterns and hand crafted items. We make all the items that we sell. We are also travelers who live in a fifth wheel and travel all over the country attending several classes on crafting and many craft shows. We collect our patterns all over the country. In the past we lived in Wisconsin for many years. Alana used to provide support to online commerce small business focusing on the operation and services of the open source Zen cart. She also collected and sold many antiques and collectibles and wrote several articles on collecting that will be included in our blog here. Paul drove a semi across country full time for many years. In 2014 we sold everything that did not fit in our RV and decided to go on the road and travel. We have made southern Alabama our domicile and are often checking in at the home base in Summerdale.

We look forward to offering our experiences with other collectors and travelers.